©Tannaz Keshavarzian

About the artist:

Tannaz Keshavarzian is a Persian Paris-based artist born in 1991. She explores the interiority of the individual through the prism of inspiring personalities. For her, the object of art is to establish the necessary links between the work, its representation and its perception.

Tannaz expresses here, through her representation of the silhouettes and profiles of the great personalities of our time, the necessary aspiration to find a reflection of ourselves in them. It is an inner exploration that is offered to us here, a journey inviting self-discovery via these authentic mirrors of the soul that are her works.
The medium is mainly based on a subtle work of mirrors, cutouts and tints allowing to enrich the desired effects and to succeed in expressing all the sensitivity of his art. These works are ambitious, since they invite a quest for greatness in those whose reflection echo an inner strength that is both determined and invincible.